Customised Business Plans
What are the sources of Information?
Sources of Project information are many.
They include:
·         Confederation of Indian Industries
·         Associated Chamber of Commerce
·         Centre For monitoring Indian Economy
·         Reserve Bank of India
·         Commercial Banks
·         Export Promotion Councils
·         Manufacturer`s Association
·         Nasscom
·         Trade Journals.
·         Chamber of Commerce Publications.
·         Research papers.
·         Manufacturer`s Catalogue/Brochure.
·         Import/Export data.
·         Personal experience of Entrepreneur
·         Publications of Global Agencies like WHO,FAO,ILO,World Bank,Asian Development bank
Is it necessary to refer to business/commercial laws while preparing a Project Report?

Reference will have to be made to many of the Business Laws /Regulations

For example :
·         The Companies Act, - Constitution/Registration/Borrowing Power /rate of depreciation
·         Central excise act     - Excise tariff /c oncessions
·         Sales Tax act             - Registration/ Value added tax rates
·         Income Tax Act        - Rates of Income Tax, TDS, Exemption under different chapters
·         Stamp Act                 - Stamp duty Payable and exemptions
·         Coastal Regulation Zone Act – Permission/Clearence.
·         Pollution Control Act
·         Import / Export regulations
·         Foreign Exchange Management Act
·         Factories Act - for Approval
·         Metro Development Authority/Building guidelines - for approval / fee payable
·         Bureau of Indian Standards
·         Electricity Act
·         Industries Act
·         Industrial Policy of the State.
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