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What is a Project Report?
A project Report is the most important document in the life of a company.It contains all the essential information about the Business right from the legal status to Exit procedure.

For whom is it intended?
Project Reports are meant to be submitted to Banks/Institutions/JV Partners/ Prospective Investors.
Who Prepares it?
Generally the Entrepreneur.In some cases, owners may be technologists having no financial background.In such cases help is sought from an outside agency.It all depends on the size,time and expertise available  with the enterepreneur,etc.,
What is the size?
Size of a Project Report  varies according to the industry and scale of business and also on the reader.
For example Project Report for an infrastructure project  would be Voluminous, whereas for a small Bakery it would be thin.
Language of a Project Report  is country and reader specific. Globally it is preferred to have it  in English.
Always keep the reader in mind and avoid excessive use of Jargons. When required do not miss to  cover the technicals.
Number of years of Finaincial workings:
Financial workings are provided for 3 to 5 years. In some cases until the given loan is repaid.
All the money is my own and i will not be raising a Loan,then why i should have a Project Report?
For securing a license under the law, one has to submit project report as a necessary enclosure. Moreover, Project Reports act as a guide or a reference point to check the levels of efficiency and also help in Profit  planning etc.,

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